It is the job of members of the military to protect the country making a variety of things possible for its citizens including the preservation of individual rights. In the process of taking care of others’ rights however, there are times that members of the military inadvertently lose some of their own. One area in which this is sometimes true is in matters of child support.

Sadly, for some members of the military who have been deployed oversees, the fact that they are not able to physically be present has been held against them. Legislators in Illinois are doing what they can to make sure these parents who are either deployed or are waiting to be deployed have the assistance they need to level the playing field when it comes to child custody matters by introducing House Bill 1589. There are a couple ways in which the bill attempts to do this.

The first has to do with the hearing process. In addition to making it possible for the deployed parent to call into the proceeding to provide testimony rather than appear in person, it also changes the timeline for the hearing process making it possible to speed it up when necessary.

Another part of the bill would make it possible to temporarily modify the agreement regarding custody or visitation when the parent is deployed. One way in which this might be utilized would be for the deployed service person to name a person to fill in for them during their visitation time. One such person might be a grandparent.

So far House Bill 1589 has been passed by the Senate. We will post updates on this matter as they become available.



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