Teterboro Airport Crash

A small airplane crashed after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey Tuesday. The aircraft reportedly spiraled out of control before crashing into the wooden median on Interstate 287. The plane skidded onto the roadway and exploded, spewing debris along the Interstate. Five people aboard the plane perished in the fatal crash; authorities say no injuries to people on the ground have been reported, and a Naples personal injury lawyer has been retained.
Air traffic controllers report that the plane disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff from Teterboro. The pilot apparently requested clearance to fly at a higher altitude shortly after takeoff and then radio transmissions became garbled. The Federal Aviation Administration says that Air traffic controllers report that the plane then disappeared from radar.
A witness in Morristown says he saw the plane spinning out of control. He tells the Associated Press that, “It was like the plane was doing tricks or something, twirling and flipping. It started going straight down. I thought any second they were going to pull up. But then the wing came off and they went straight down.”
Wreckage from the plane crash was scattered over at least a half-mile area along the highway, with debris lodging in trees near the accident site. A second witness in Morristown says he saw smoke billowing from both sides of the wings before the crash. He says upon impact, the plant spewed a “huge plume of thick black smoke” into the air.
Two investment bankers from a New York firm were aboard the plane, which was bound for Georgia. The wife and two children of one of the banking managers were also aboard the plane.