What Are the Rules Considering Truck Drivers and Mobile Phones?

Most of us know about the dangers of using mobile phones. Particularly when attempting to dial a number it is all too possible for a driver to become distracted. And in the event the driver in question is behind the wheel of a semitrailer going at highway speeds, all other road users are in danger.

Research performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration bears out that truck drivers who dial while driving are much more apt to be concerned in so called “safety-critical” episodes than motorists who do not. As a result, the FMCSA has created particular regulations concerning the use of mobile devices by truck drivers.

Truck drivers are forbidden from doing the following while operating their rigs:

Reaching for a cellular device in this manner that she or he ceases to be correctly seated and in driving situation while limited by means of a safety belt.
Holding a mobile phone in one or both hands while creating a call.
Pressing greater than one button on a mobile phone.
Truck drivers cited for being in breach of those rules may be fined just as much as $2750. And employers who coerce or force their drivers to control apparatus that are cellular while behind the wheel can receive fines Regrettably, the prospect of such fines does not always prevent truckers or their employers from acting counter to the regulations.

And should such scenarios lead to an accident, those hit by the truck could suffer devastating injuries.

Should you or somebody in your family was injured in a truck accident which you believe was due to a distracted motorist, an investigation could be carried out by a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer. The lawyer could be able to show obligation on behalf of the truck driver or the driver’s company. In turn, you might wish to file a civil suit from the responsible parties.
Reduced Motorists Responsible for Fatal Accidents On State’s Roads

Seeing a motorist who’s certainly in some way impaired is one of the most distressing experiences you could have while traveling on a Pennsylvania roadway. To drive a motorist will need to have full possession of her or his faculties.

Based on advice found on the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles’ web site, 30 percent of the state’s traffic fatalities are associated with the utilization of booze. Yet, despite the risks of drinking and driving, authorities are still making tens of thousands of DUI arrests per annum. Making matters worse, there continues to be a growth in the amount of charges levied against drug-impaired motorists.

The penalties for these serious infractions can change on the basis of the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration and if he/she has prior DUI convictions. Traffic fines can reach up to $10,000 with a host of other expenses as good as the chance of the cancellation of insurance.

One strategy which has proven fairly effective at keeping drunk drivers off the road is requiring those who have received a second or subsequent DUI conviction to have ignition interlock systems installed in their vehicles. These devices prevent from starting their cars motorists who’ve been using alcohol.

Regardless of all the dangers and the penalties that are possible, some people still choose to get behind the wheel while impaired. It appears certain that there will soon be more tragic events on the roads in our state.

Intoxicated drivers ought to be held responsible for their reckless conduct. If you or a household member have been involved in a collision using a drunk or otherwise impaired driver, a Philadelphia car accident lawyer may have the ability to enable you to pursue compensation and justice.